cats and dogs loving cushions

Cats and Dogs loving My Friend Paco cushions

We love pets, pets love My Friend Paco.

Check out this cute compilation of pets being friends with our cushions and let you heart melt <3

1. Sexy furry cat in bed with AMBAR cushion

cat and throw pillow

2. Golden puppy napping with GREYHOUND II cushion

golden retriever puppy and dog cushion greyhound

3. Vizla Puppy trying to mix with BARTOLOMEU & GIL cushions

dog and cushions my friend paco

4. Two Golden Retrievers kissing with FAT CAT II and GREYHOUD II on the background

golden retriever couple

5. Big yawn after a lazy afternoon nap with silky CRUST II

cat and lobster pillow

6. Tuxedo cat trying to decide if he will let other cats in his bed.

Cat and silk pillow
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