An ode to nature and colors

My Friend Paco designs and provides everyday objects for you and your home.

We create soulful and practical living and fashion accessories that match function & beauty, honoring and having as major inspiration our extended home: the earth, the environment and the all the living species.

My Friend Paco is an ode to the little moments and beautiful things that, at the end, make our life happier. It is an ode to nature and colors, positive energies, freedom and happiness. It's made to provoke smiles and happy thoughts!


We produce with the minimum waste possible and all the products are ethically made in Portugal, by small family-run businesses. We source the best fabrics to give you top quality, luxurious and long lasting products, made mostly out of natural fabrics.

When you buy with us you are not only buying a soulful product, designed with care and made with love, but also helping the planet. <3


Maria Figueiredo My Friend Paco founder
Maria Figueiredo - Founder & Creative Director

"My creations come from the heart, it is not something planned. Because I feel this urge to create, I think my mission is to share it with the world, and maybe spread some joy."



The brand was founded by Portuguese designer Maria Figueiredo, manifesting the open minded youth culture and reflecting the influences of its founder, such as her love for nature and animals, graphic design, art and fashion. 

Since the launch in July 2016, My Friend Paco has been featured in some of the most renowned publications around the globe such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration, Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, and stocked in beautiful shops in 3 continents.

Each piece is carefully designed by us and produced in Portugal by local family runned business. Every product of My Friend Paco's collection has a story to tell, as if they are characters of a story, ready to live with you and share the little moments of daily life - just like friends :-)

 Bonus: My Friend Paco is highly reliable. You can confide all your secrets: it will never reveal them to anyone!



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