Interior Design Trends 2022 - Adopt these 6 trends and feel good at home

Interior Design Trends 2022 - Adopt these 6 trends and feel good at home

Earthy tones, soft textiles, and curved furniture, the beginning of a new year is always a good excuse to revamp our home. We know we don't have to follow the trends, but giving a fresh touch to our spaces can be a lot of fun.

Here are our 6 favorite trends of 2022:



 Curvy tiles - interior design trends 2022

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Curvy sofa - interior design trends 2022

@Collector Group

Soft lines, arcs, and curves are trending for a while, and it seems that curvy everything is going to blow up in 2022, so say hello to all the squiggly, wiggly, wavy silhouettes. 
As we continue to shift away from straight-lined minimalism and toward cozier and more organic interiors, our furniture is getting softer and curvier, and our home environment more comfortable and calmer.
Smaller pieces and home decor accessories are showcasing the same wavy silhouettes: round cushions, wavy mirrors, squiggle candlesticks, tiles with waved patterns and so on.
After 2 difficult years, we just want a cozy look and feel in 2022, it's a year for rejuvenation and refreshment, so we want to bring in cozy textiles, subtle colors, and soft-edged pieces.

curvy rug wall art - decor trends 2022
SUNSET Rug / Wall Art - 495€
@My Friend Paco


Sustainable home decor trend 2022
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2022 will see a further emphasis on sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing, and the reuse and resale of furniture and homeware. We are becaming more conscious about what we consume and how it can affect our planet. This will translate into how we decorate; more conscious choices regarding the quality of materials, labor and brand morals. Essentially, buying less but better, long lasting products.


one of a kind pieces - interior design trends 2022
QUARTZ I & II Handmade Velvet Cushions
- 115€
@My Friend Paco

handmade ceramics - unique pieces decor trends 2022
@Ikigai Ceramic Studio

Following the line of the previous point, we are increasingly shopping locally and sustainably. Mass-manufactured products are out—and artisan items are taking their place.
We want to fill our homes with objects and furniture we connect with on a deeper level, and we are feeling more comfortable commissioning custom pieces and spending more on art and one-of-a-kind objects. 
We’re seeing a lot of focus on unique pieces created by artists, handcrafted furnishings and decor accessories, and the truth is that nothing gives more personality and character to a space than a unique, handmade piece with a story to tell.



 mix and match patterns - interior design trends 2022

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mix and match patterns - interior design trends 2022

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mix and match patterns - cushions trend 2022

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After being at home for so long with all-white walls, we are craving spaces with strong personalities. Minimalism is out. We are craving more depth, richness, materiality to our furnishings... anything to make our eyes dance around and be happy as we stay inside and stare at our same four walls.


 Fringe and art deco - interior design trends 2022

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Fringe and art deco - interior design trends 2022

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art deco trend interior design 2022
@Pink Sketch London restaurant

In 2022 Art Deco is coming into interiors in a big way. You will see pillows topped with tassels, lamps lined with fringe, and couches trimmed with bullion. Fringe, bullion, and other trims providing layers are going to rock in 2022.

trendy pillow fringed - decor trends 2022
IRIS Camel Velvet cushion with fringes - 115€


Natural touch - interior design trends 2022
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 Natural touch - interior design trends 2022

@Anthology Creative Studio

Natural touch - interior design trends 2022

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We are taking that outside inspiration inside! An ode to nature inside our home —with earthy colors, more plants, natural materials, and organic shapes. We’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature and we are bringing the raw materials of nature inside to add depth and soul to the spaces where we live, in an attempt to replicate the restorative and calm ambience of nature.

Also color will take an important role on recreating restorative and calming interiors that we all crave. Expect to see more nature-inspired colors like earthy greens, pastel blues and terracota shades in the decoration world. Experts also say that brown is about to be one of 2022’s favorite colors because of it's very strong connection with natural elements many of us are embracing. Plus, it’s a popular color in midcentury modern design that is also trending this year. 

Natural touch - interior design trends 2022
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